Boston Chapter of the HBA Announces the Leadership Success Series

The Leadership Success Series (LSS) is unique program for women who are either: new to leadership positions; aspiring to be promoted into a leadership position; or are currently in leadership positions but want to improve their leadership skills. These cost effective, full-day, local workshops led by experienced coaches that allow participants to develop and practice these skills. In today’s challenging healthcare environment, these “soft skills” are now the differentiators in career development.

The full 2010 program consists of 4 workshops covering areas of professional development most essential to career development. Participants may take any or all of the workshops, there are no prerequisites for any workshop. The goal is to provide flexibility to meet the needs and schedules of busy professionals. Participants who complete all 4 workshops will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

For 2010, there are all new topics:
Decision Making
Negotiating Skills
Managing Up/Down
Communicating Like An Executive

Why should you attend?
Learn/improve skills that are critical to career development and essential to successful management of projects and people
Practice those skills in a comfortable and non-threatening environment
Exchange ideas with others in the healthcare industry
Participate in interactive exercises that can be applied to actual business situations
Gain access to top coaches in the field of leadership development

Visit the HBA-Boston Chapter page of the HBA website to download the flyer and learn more.


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