Finding your Professional E.D.G.E. (Empowerment, Diversity, Growth, Excellence) in Leadership

In late 2007 the HBA released the E.D.G.E. (Empowerment, Diversity, Growth, Excellence) in Leadership Study, the benchmark report of best practices for recruiting, retaining, and advancing women to the top ranks of life sciences corporations.

The E.D.G.E. in Leadership Study recommendations can be embraced by any company that aspires to attract and preserve top talent and ensure that their future leadership will be representative not only of the diverse markets they serve, but of the best talent available.

While the HBA is planning for EDGE 2.0 the results of the first EDGE study are still in use. The Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the HBA has created Project YOU, a program aimed at expanding and enhancing the leadership skills of women in the healthcare industry.

Project YOU kicked off January 27 at Drexel University with a self-assessment using HBA’s proprietary E.D.G.E. diagnostic tool, allowing all in attendance to create a personal gap analysis showing where she needs to focus her energy to create the career she strives to obtain.

For Nancy Connelly the launch of Project YOU was her first HBA meeting  “Finding Your Professional E.D.G.E.” made me think about my professional practices, network with lots of interesting women in the health care field, and reinvigorate my commitment to personal leadership development. On today’s To Do List – refine and articulate at least one of my three biggest gaps and join HBA!


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