Spotlight from the Greater Philadelphia Chapter

Written by Alma Azua-Cassady

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association keeps its commitment to industry excellence and innovation through member’s engagement. One group that has shown an excellent line-up of experienced and engaged professionals consistently is the JSWT, a subset  of the HBA Greater Philadelphia WIT group.  Let’s take a look at some of their professional expertise and highlights of their involvement in HBA.

Debbie Tedesco: Previous specialty pharmaceutical sales rep who is looking to help you achieve maximum sales results in a professional selling environment.  Debbie was the recipient of top sales achievement awards during her career with Johnson and Johnson with specialties that include several therapeutic areas.  Debbie led a team to launch the first Women in Transition event last September 2009. This event was a sound success as we learned interviewing techniques and different perspectives from the hiring managers from industry recognized recruiters.

Dale Hartupee, Ph.D.: Dale has pharmaceutical R&D expertise with executive perspective, extensive team leadership including project management of drug discovery and development. Dr. Hartupee serves as an adjunct professor in the pharmaceutical product development program at West Chester University. Few people have the unique drive Dale is gifted with. Dale has generously shared her time collaborating with various groups of HBA for years. She currently leads the Women in Science affinity group, was actively involved in organizing the 2nd  program for WIT held last January.  Her experience dealing with cross-functional teams weekly provides an opportunity to consistently put forward balanced solutions.

Stacie Snodgrass, Marketing Professional: Stacie has launch and global proficiency managing large (>$1B) and small (>$100M) pharmaceutical and vaccine brands with 15+ years industry experience, She is an entrepreneur and sole proprietor of S. M. Snodgrass Consulting. She has expertise in business planning, scientific strategy, competitive assessment, KOL management, medical education and promotion.  Stacie has been a member of the WIT leadership committee since its inception and amongst her many contributions are an exceptional ability to elevate the idea generation to a solution with a distinctive sophisticated degree of effectiveness.

Julia Urwin: Senior information manager and librarian with 20+ years of experience increasing ROI by improving access to, and usability of information for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.  Julia is passionate about driving organizations to manage their information effectively to improve productivity, realize cost savings, ensure compliance and deliver better business results.  With a positive and energetic style, infused with an Aussie sense of humor, she builds rapport and a greater spirit of cooperation.  Julia is a one-of a kind professional and trusted collaborator to HBA in various forums. From her engagement to Women in Healthcare Information Technology, to being the lead for WIT 2010 program benchmarking best practices in networking, Julia offers a powerful dosage of a win to any team.

Alma Azua-Cassady: A dynamic healthcare marketer with over 10 years in-depth experience across multiple therapeutic areas in US and global brands, known for her reputation for crafting impactful messaging strategies based on keen understanding of the current medical information-seeking patterns that engage patients and physicians alike. Her work produced  award-winning results, not to mention revenue stream that has contributed to reach 1B milestone in sales. Her expertise includes healthcare professional, consumer, KOL management, global product management and multicultural  marketing. Alma is proficient in English, Spanish and French.  Alma joined the HBA less than a year ago, yet her engagement has been distinctive for her passion towards empowering opportunities for healthcare industry professionals. She volunteers frequently and  currently co-chairs the Women in Transition affinity group.


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