Does Your Company Create Fun?

If you are a small business owner, large company executive or manager of people you too can have a company that’s “fun” to work at. Before you decide to delete me hear me out.

I am not saying you have to let your employees bring their dog to work. What I’m saying is your company can be known throughout the land as a place that provides an environment where people thrive and the business grows because people thrive. I listed below a process by which your company can become known as a place where people want to work.

  1. Create an employee value proposition – Have your employment brand tied to your business strategy. Understand why people want to work for your organization; develop a program that attracts your ideal candidates. By doing this you are consciously creating your company culture.
  2. Make candidates want to work for you – Have a sourcing strategy in place to help you get the right talent in the door. Benchmark your jobs – then you can assess your candidates against the benchmark. This helps you get the right people in the right role with the right skills.
  3. Develop a hiring process and then follow the process you have already set up.  Make sure everyone involved in the interviews knows the process and follows it. Hold your team accountable for selecting the best.
  4. Showcase your employment brand during the interviews. Let candidates know why people choose your organization. Remember they want the right place and you want the right people.
  5. Choose wisely – Your whole talent management strategy and hire process comes together here. You have assessed and personally interviewed your candidates. Conduct due diligence and references to ensure your team chooses the right people.
  6. On-board them – Have a 90-day integration plan to get people acclimated to the company. If they match the benchmark and fit the culture you are more than half way there. Don’t let them sit in a corner office filing out forms the first day– assign them a buddy. Set a meeting with the hiring manager and bring them and the other new hires together for camaraderie, so they can start off excited about being at your company.

Becoming an employer of choice takes a little effort but the rewards for your organization will be amazing.  Take a look at Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 places to work.   Maybe you’ll be inspired to get your company on the list one day.  A great example is the Zappos Family Culture process Zappos Insights program; you won’t be disappointed an you’ll come away with tips you can incorporate into your own organization.

Vicki Z. Lauter is a member of the HBA Atlanta chapter and Principal of Z=mc2

Z=mc2 is a strategic talent management solutions firm that helps companies select, develop and retain top talent by getting the right people in the right role with the right skills in a way that gives clients a competitive advantage.  Read Vicki’s blog.


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