The A to Z of Marketing Technology

I had the pleasure of attending the HBA Boston Chapter event: The A to Z of Marketing Technology on July 15. The goal for the event was to create a fun, engaging, educational, summer networking event for the HBA Boston Chapter. HBA Corporate Partner and our host for the evening was the staff of Cramer, a digital marketing and even solutions company. The food was outstanding and the technology was just as outstanding. We were treated to the best in video marketing, virtual trade shows, real-time twitter and polling for events. Sanjay Manandhar, founder and CEO of Aerva Inc. demonstrated a real-time poll and twitter feed. What a great way to get feedback on your event as it happens.

Greg Jones from Cramer introduced us to mobile barcoding. Imagine looking at a magazine ad and then using your smart phone to grab a bar code and then be taken right to the website for more information. Marketers will be using this technology for medical brochures, business cards, event invitations and so much more! Check out this Cramer Mobile Barcoding presentation. I’ve bookmarked the Cramer employee’s blog AWiderNet. You should check it out for the latest marketing technology.

We were then treated to a presentation where the EVP of Solutions at Cramer Darren Ross and President of Healthcare Innovation Partners Paulo Machado lead a timely, thought-provoking discussion on the current state of healthcare.


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