Get to the Point: Karen Friedman Practices What She Preaches at HBA Dine Around Event at Davio’s in Philadelphia

by Nancy Powell Connelly

“Get to the point,” was the message from Karen Friedman’s dynamic presentation at the HBA Greater Philadelphia Chapter’s Dine Around event at Davio’s restaurant in Philadelphia. Friedman, a leading communication coach, used all the techniques she shared with her rapt audience in making the points in her talk, “Powerful and Persuasive Presentations and Communications.”

Make your point early
In this age of tweeting important messages in 140 characters, Friedman advises that you get to the point in the beginning of your pitch or presentation. “People remember what they hear first and last,” which she demonstrated very effectively with a short exercise. She recited a list of 10 or 15 words which we then had to write down after the fact. We remembered the first and last words AND one included one that was NOT even on the list as we struggled to remember all the info. So, make your point and don’t belabor it.

What does your audience care about?
Whether you are making a speech or presentation, sales call, or meeting with your boss, think about why your audience cares? If it’s improving the bottom line, creating benefits for customers, improving productivity, whatever, speak to what is important to the audience.

Reinforce the point
Friedman was a reporter for much of her career and said, “It comes down to the story. Make the point of the story. Back it up with examples, analogies, case studies, whatever reinforces the point. People remember stories and examples.”

Be passionate
Make your audience believe that YOU believe in what you are saying. Make eye contact. Be excited about your ideas and your message. Use plain language and speak to everyone in the room regardless of the size of your audience.

And passionate she was as Friedman competed against a delicious Davio’s menu that was enjoyed by about 40 members of the Greater Philadelphia chapter of HBA during this casual, very interactive event. A great interactive presentation, followed by questions and discussion, networking, and door prizes made this event informative – and fun!

Read the review of Karen’s new book: Shut Up and Say Something: Business Communication Strategies to Overcome Challenges and Influence Listeners by Karen Friedman


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