by Kathryn Davis

In my opinion, leadership is the ability to turn chaos into an effective organized systematic process. Leaders can influence individuals and organizations to transform/change the existing paradigm(s). Often times, one assumes an individual in a management position is a leader however, this is not the case. I have had bosses who were excellent managers but not so good leaders.

A leader embraces the differences that makes individuals unique and focuses on the positive rather than pointing out what they are doing wrong.  A leader is driven by the desire to succeed and motivates you to follow his/her vision and to achieve the goal. A leader is not frozen into indecision, he/she is assertive and is able to listen to new ideas and accept new ways of doing things.  A leader communicates clearly and passionately, as well as understands what a follower expects.

Every organization needs leaders at every level; individuals who are guided by personal values, integrity and fairness have the starting traits of a leader it is the skills that may need to be developed.  It has been stated that “leaders are born not made”. Of course, some individuals are born with the characteristics and traits necessary to become successful leaders and others can be leaders but may need to work harder at it, there is no magic bullet.

Reposted with permission from the My thoughts blog by HBA Boston Chapter member Kathryn Davis.


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