Book Review: The Career Compass: Mentoring To Point You Toward Maximum Professional And Personal Growth by Hayley A. Norman

Career Compass Book
The Career Compass: Mentoring to Point You Toward Maximum Professional and Personal Growth                                                                                                                                                        $19.95                                                                                                                                                          

HBA Florida chapter member and  mentoring program leader Hayley Norman has written a practical how-to guide outlining the seven critical stages of the mentoring relationship. Hayley provides advice and tools that you can begin using right away. The Career Compass guides the reader through the stages of the mentoring relationship. This book examines the mentoring relationship from both the mentor and mentee’s perspective offering an all-in-one guide. Throughout the book there are case studies illustrating how successful people have benefited from a mentoring relationship. The conclusion of each section provides resources to help support the reader as they embark on what Hayley refers to as their “mentoring journey.”

The Career Compass provides useful, concise, and powerful advice on mentoring.  “One of the best organizational outcomes of mentoring is a new emphasis on creating a culture of learning,” says Norman. “This culture of learning helps a business establish the knowledge, skills, values and behaviors that lead to engaged employees.”

Norman offers the following tips for becoming a strong mentor:

•    Commit to meeting with your mentee(s) on a regular basis, rather than when it is convenient for them, or when you can fit it into your schedule.
•    Communicate openly about your successes and failures so that they can model similar behavior, or avoid it, respectively.
•    Coach your mentees as needed regarding weaknesses or missing skill-sets without judgment or discouragement.
•    Champion the reputation of your mentee, recommending them for new and challenging assignments and alerting management to their capabilities.
•    Offer guidance and observation but do not attempt to control or manipulate your mentee into doing what they think is best.
•    Provide professional and emotional support when things do not go as planned for your mentee – that is the difference between being their boss and their mentor.

The Career Compass delivers a real world approach to mentoring.  I recommend this book for anyone who leads or aspires to in the future.
Reviewed by Stephanie Bayt, Area Business Director, Southeast Neurology, EMD Serono


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