Talk of the table

By Kirsten Gallagher, Principal, KHG Communications, Inc.

How often do you run across a riveting topic that you would like to explore in depth, or a recurring challenge that you would like to address head on, only to be sidetracked by your usual day-to-day responsibilities? Way too often, right?

On May 18, the HBA San Antonio Chapter tapped into that widespread thirst for topical knowledge and practical solutions with a timely, tightly focused debut event called HBA Concepts and Conversations. Ten subject-matter experts led roundtable dinner discussions on topics ranging from military medicine to conflict management, from transitioning into healthcare to genetic testing breakthroughs. HBA members and guests with overlapping interests and/or challenges sat at the table focused on their topic of choice.

As a longtime HBA member, I had no doubt that the facilitators would be engaging and that the event would be informative. But I was unprepared for how readily participants shared their experiences, insights and encouragement, and even some vulnerabilities, with their tablemates.

This event seamlessly evolved into a combined learning opportunity, leadership development and networking experience that had members asking for more. Clearly, no matter how seasoned we may be, no matter how diverse our career paths, the discovery of common ground in a safe, professional environment is, at least in my experience, both relatively rare and refreshingly invigorating.


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