Leadership 140 Characters at a Time

Those who attended the HBA 2011 Leadership Conference saw many attendes with iPads and smartphones in hand during the educational sessions. No, they were not checking their email; they were tweeting leadership lessons in 140 character bites.  For example:

@PharmaVOICE: Lewis-Hall says new types of healthcare companies are needed at the table: food, retail, communications, technology, etc.
@BetsyLane The difference between a vision and an hallucination is the number of people who share it. (Wendy White)
@DMoysychyn Things don’t change when people see the light, they change when they feel the heat (Freda Lewis-Hall)
@Janet_Twitchell Invest in your social intelligence – adopt host behavior (Roz Usheroff)
@CeciZak Roughly 80% of Internet pages are in English. Suggests that English is becoming a second language across the world. (D Blackwell)

Search #HBAlead on Twitter for the entire list.

The popularity of our tweeters has brought the HBA to a milestone–@HBAnet now has 800 followers on Twitter. A huge thank you to everyone who tweeted the HBA 2011 Leadership Conference:

@aminal100 Amina C Lobban
Betsy Lane
Ceci Zak
Ciaran Bellwoar
Communications Media
Debbie Moysychyn
Eileen O’Brien
HBA Mid-Atlantic chapter
@HBAnet Carol Meerschaert
@Janet_Twitchell Janet Twitchell
Jill Royston
@JenAntonacci Jenifer Antonacci
@Julgram Julie Kelly
@KarenShopmyer Karen Shopmyer
@katiereedy Kate Reedy
Lani Hashimoto
Lisa Sassman
Jaclyn Grovich
@MontgomeryMeg Megan Montgomery
@motivstrategies Motiv Strategies
Passport Health
@PSUMaryDom Mary Dominiecki
@RosettaMktg Rosetta
@RuderFinn Ruder Finn
@sirenwendy Wendy White
Taren Grom
Lea Carey

Following our hashtag/retweeting:
Lynn Kendall
@BioPharmaRob Robert Nauman
@roadmapwarrior Jen Klingensmith
@sdorfman Susan Dorfman
Vicki Zidwick


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