President Deborah Coogan Seltzer: My Presidental Year

What an amazing year this has been for me as your HBA president. What has been accomplished for us as an association and for so

Deborah Coogan Seltzer
HBA 2011 President Deborah Coogan Seltzer at the HBA Leadership Conference

many of you as individuals has made my time as your president so very rewarding. Each year, we grow, not just in number, but in resources, in opportunities, and in potential. That kind of growth would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors.

Thank you to all of the HBA 2011 Leadership Conference sponsors:

Allergan, Clinlogix, CMI, CompasInc, Siren Interactive

Merck, Fullbright& Jaworski, LLP, BoehringerIngelheim, Allergan


Sanofi, Merck, Kaiser Permanente, Celgene, cegedim

Publicis Healthcare Communications Group

Medlmmune, AstraZeneca


Lilly, Takeda Millennium, Novartis

Insigniam Performance, Genentech, Johnson & Johnson

Bayer Healthcare, Shire



I was warned by two of my wonderful predecessors, Susan Torroella and Ceci Zak, that my presidential year would fly by – and yet I am still somewhat amazed as I stand here that it is already November… that I am just weeks away from passing the reins to another wonderful woman.

Let me first congratulate Buket Grau, who was elected last evening as 2012 HBA president. I am so happy for Buket, and for the HBA. Because sometimes fate, or destiny, smiles upon an organization and allows it the right leader at the right time – and I know that to be the case with HBA and Buket.

Buket,  if you trust in your own innate abilities and instincts – and the valuable experience you’ve already gained in your years as an HBA leader – you will shine and HBA will be the better for it. I benefited greatly from the advice of the women who came before me, and there are a few other things I’ve learned this year that might prove helpful.  At least I hope so – here goes.

Remember you are not alone.
That is the true strength of HBA – the wealth of talent and commitment of its leaders and staff, past, current and up & coming.

Where possible, strive for balance:

  • Between strategy and tactics
  • Between honoring and learning from the past, and what drove success, and visualizing and seizing a changing future – the Blue Ocean
  • Between expectations and reality – especially when it comes to how you judge yourself

Finally, don’t forget to stop every now and again, and savor the moments that add the texture to your presidential year – because it will go faster than you can know.


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