Incoming HBA president Terri Pascarelli’s closing words from the HBA 2012 Leadership Conference

This is a transcript of the closing speech given by incoming HBA President Terri Pascarelli at the 2012 HBA Leadership Conference.

HBA 2013 President Terri Pascarelli
HBA 2013 President
Terri Pascarelli

I want to let you know where we’re focusing, together, to make significant progress in 2013 toward our goal of becoming the most trusted and most engaging leadership development organization. And I want to share my thoughts with you about our opportunity to partner to make our 2013 goals a reality.

First, I am appreciative of so many people in this room, and in my life – each of whom is a part of me as I stand here today, ready to serve you as the 2013 president of the HBA.

My husband, Rich and my daughter, Liz, are the best partners I could ever ask for. I appreciate their never-ending support as I juggle family, work and my commitments with the HBA. People talk a lot about work-life balance. I’m not sure that balance happens very easily on an everyday basis. However, I’ve come to learn from my family that we can achieve balance and fulfillment overall because we’re fully present with each other whenever we’re together or committing to the needs of our family. Their support allows me to be fully present within the HBA and at work, and so I grow and learn, and come home, I hope, a better and stronger wife and mother within our family.

I also am so appreciative for my partnerships with a number of our HBA leaders, notably Barbara Pritchard, Ceci Zak, Susan Torroella, Deb Seltzer and Buket Grau. Counting them as friends, colleagues and mentors has done so much to prepare me for 2013.

I also thank our incredible HBA staff team, and the HBA board –my amazing colleagues. You are motivating, energizing and thought provoking. Thank you!

And my genuine “thank you” goes to the HBA women of Indiana. You are so special to me; I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished, and I’m so proud to be a member of the HBA Indiana chapter.

There are many things we want to work on to move forward with our goals. To make significant progress in 2013, we’re prepared to make choices, to focus.

There are three key areas on our dashboard for 2013:

Refinement of our HBA brand and value: that is, understanding how to best position our brand to deliver value to our current members, partners and stakeholders. Also to deliver HBA’s value to those in new healthcare sectors, companies and geographies that we know are important to our future.

Career advancement: we will support women being the architects and navigators of their own careers- with clear, integrated education and programming strategies and HBA career tools that span all our chapters and reach our diverse members and partners.

Stakeholder engagement: we’re taking important steps forward in aligning our resources in our special HBA relationships with individual members, volunteers and Corporate Partners. Leading the Way in welcoming new members and partners to the HBA; and Member Care and Volunteer Care initiatives as we innovate high touch, experiential connections and offer a trusting environment for our members to become today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.

Making significant progress in these three areas will happen through ever-closer alignment between our corporate and chapter initiatives. Think about what allows teams to create momentum and make big progress. Our opportunity is lifted through clarity, unity and agility. These are the elements of strategic speed.

Being able to make clear choices, rally around focused goals and tap into the talents of so many of you here in this room, we’re about to take the HBA on another incredible journey. I hope you’ll join me, along with our chapter and corporate leaders in making 2013 a year of exciting growth for you and for the HBA.

And remember to mark your calendar for the 2013 HBA Leadership Conference being held in Boston.

Thank you.


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