Re-imagining the healthcare industry: The role of women

HBA Leadership Conference

Meg Columbia-Walsh, Sunergos LLC

A whirlwind of change is underway in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Change of this magnitude has not been seen in almost 50 years. The healthcare industry as a whole is dealing with the implications of reform and a pharmaceutical business model in transition. The current day-to-day reality many executives face is challenging. Looking from this current reality, it is critical to envision a future that restores trust in the industry, ensures a patient centric model, inspires employee engagement, and solidifies financial performance.

At a time of intense change, women executives are being called on to “lean in” and many are asking – what role can executive women play in the future of the healthcare industry?

To help explore this question, Sunergos has been selected to lead a double session at the 2013 Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Leadership Conference. On Friday, November 15, Sunergos will bring the heart of the cutting-edge transformational leadership program, Living From Your Legacy Now, to select executive women at the conference. This powerful three-hour session is part of the conference’s first-ever Executive Women’s Forum track.

The power of women’s impact and the need for transformation in the industry has never been greater. In this highly inspirational session participants will discover the inherent power of leading and living from a designed legacy. The executives will begin to create their own compelling legacy and explore the enduring impact their legacy will have on their life and performance. The women in this session will join together for a community discussion to explore and imagine the impact women can have in shaping the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

In this time of intense change, I say women must do more than “lean in”, we must join together in becoming the trailblazers of our industry and companies, creating the transformation of a re-imagined, ground breaking business model. It will take the empowerment of women executives to make this happen.

Join us at the session by registering for the conference and the Executive Women’s Forum track at  Read more about the world of transformation at Become part of this community and jump into this critical discussion by posting your comments here.


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