Book review: The Charisma Edge: A How-To Guide For Turning On Your Leadership Power

The Charisma Edge
The Charisma Edge

by Cynthia Burnham

As Cynthia writes in the introduction to this book, to be a leader “being smart and technically competent is absolutely critical, but it isn’t enough. To be a great leader, whether a man or a woman, you need something more, a spark that makes people want to follow you.” That spark is charisma.

The good news is charisma is a learnable skill and this book is your guide.

This guide suggests you set a goal of nine weeks plus one day to reach great charisma. The book offers a week-by-week program so that the 101 tips in the book are broken into easy to practice and master sessions. Cynthia explains the neuroscience behind why the tips work and also offers self-assessments so you can see where you are.

The book is divided into three main sections. You will learn to look, act and feel charismatic. The look section covers posture and clothing. Act discusses expressions, adjusting your voice, choosing your words and articulation. Feeling charismatic is taught via lessons on attitude, self-identity and calming your nerves.

The HBA is thrilled to have Cynthia Burnham, founder of Ideas Take Flight presenting two sold out workshops titled: Owning the Room: Simple Secrets to Increasing Your Leadership Charisma at the 2013 HBA Leadership ConferenceNovember 13-15, 2013 in Boston.

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