HBA President Terri Pascarelli’s Reflections on 2013

In the 2013 HBA, we too have an opportunity to go where there is no path, and blaze a trail. As I reflect on what we’ve accomplished together this year, here’s what I’m thinking about:

Our HBA leadership team has taken significant steps to address how we will fulfill our mission and vision heading into the future – and it’s causing us to blaze a new trail. We updated our board operating structure, carefully prioritized our strategies, and engaged across the corporate and chapter operating units of the HBA to set the strategic direction in motion.

We’ve committed to three strategic focus areas:Strategic pillars

Career Advancement – so that through the HBA, women can more fully own the navigation of their careers

Brand Enhancement– so that we more clearly communicate and deliver value from the HBA to you – regardless of where you engage with us, geographically or virtually

Stakeholder Engagement – so that individual member and company stakeholders are supported by HBA membership models that are up-to-date and empower  members to flourish in their careers and to achieve enhanced business success for themselves and their employers.

TechnologyIn 2013 we’ve validated and are launching a new Association Management System (AMS)- a technology to support the way we share information, engage with one another, and reach beyond our current geographies to become a more truly global HBA. We delivered a vibrant Leadership Competency Framework that will unify our career advancement initiatives across chapters and global HBA. We’re critically evaluating our membership models through an integrated Strategic Research Initiative (SIR) – providing a tested foundation to confirm our membership and value proposition for the years ahead. The SIR we invested in this year will also deliver key insights into the career advancement suite of initiatives, i.e. our HBA toolkit for delivering value from the HBA to all our members, regardless of where they explore careers in the business of healthcare.

This year has been one focused on strategy, the discipline to prioritize, and integration across our strategic initiatives. Our passion is delivering value on your behalf – our individual and corporate members. My biggest reflection is how much we are accomplishing together because we’re testing our boundaries and stepping together into some big and important strategic decisions. I’m so appreciative of the leadership of our board, our volunteers and our staff – trailblazers, all!

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