Book review: “Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever: Break the Rules, Make Mistakes, and Win Them Over”

Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever
Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever

“It’s authenticity and passion that win people over, not polish. But you can’t be authentic if you’re following someone else’s rules.” Karen Hough.

We’ve all heard that “the number one fear” of people is speaking in public. And we all know that careers depend on you sharing your ideas, making a pitch for business or sharing an update via speaking in public. Karen Hough, a very popular presenter at the HBA Annual Conference has tackled this subject with her trademark energy, fun and sound advice. She shares the secrets to successful presentations this easy to read book. She tackles myths that lead us astray.

Section one of the book covers preparing for your presentation. She lays to rest the horrid advice about practicing in front of a mirror and picturing the audience in their underwear. Section two covers the presentation itself from opening and closing to PowerPoint tips. The section of the book that will calm the most nervous person is her great advice on what to do if the horrid happens.

Each chapter ends with a link to her website where you can view videos on the subject you just read about. Go to the ImprovEdge website to learn more about this book.


Karen Hough is founder and CEO of ImprovEdge, where she has used improvisation as an engaging learning tool for business for more than 12 years. She will present the workshop: How Breaking the Rules Leads to Authentic Leadership at the 2014 HBA Annual Conference.


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