Book review: Just Promoted! A 12-Month Road Map for Success in Your New Leadership Role

Book review by Sarah Meerschaert, project coordinator, Centrak

Just Promoted
Just Promoted

From those “Just Promoted” to those given new responsibilities they hope to lead into a promotion, “Just Promoted! A 12-Month Road Map for Success in Your New Leadership Role” offers guidance across the full breath of opportunities and hazards that await your first year. Edward Betof, Ed. and Nila Betof, PhD offer sage advice brought home with firsthand accounts and examples. Tools and exercises throughout the book offer a chance for reflection and drive home the strategies described in this book.

As a young professional, moving into this type of leadership role is the stuff of dreams. Wouldn’t it be nice to be offered a role which would move me across the country, even if it meant selling a house and moving a family (both of which are also distant dreams). It’s equally appealing to contemplate such workplace problems as transitioning former competitors into cooperative team members. For me, this book offers a guide to distant but obtainable success. Instead of focusing on today’s opportunities and challenges, this book called for me to focus on what my future would hold, and gives me a chance to model those traits and practice those skills today, getting me to that promotion and 12 months of success that much sooner.

Reading this book, I found myself observing the leaders in my organization and the mentors in my life. Did they say “I” or “we”? How do they motivate their teams? How did they inspire organizational renew? Do they practice good life integration? I found myself writing my own responses to various exercises, but also penciling in specific examples of how the leaders in my organization followed or strayed from the guidelines provided.

About the authors:
Edward Betof, EdD,
is an executive coach, an Aresty Institute Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Executive Education, and the author of Leaders as Teachers.

Nila Betof PhD, is the chief operating officer of and a senior executive coach at The Leader’s Edge, an international leadership development and executive coaching company. She will be leading the workshop, “The Art of Influencing and Change Management” at the 2014 HBA Annual Conference.


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