Book review: Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman: What Men Know About Success that Women Need to Learn

by Gail Evans

Gail is moderating the Thursday afternoon panel discussion “Male perspectives on women getting (and staying) in seats of influence in healthcare” at the 2015 HBA Annual Conference, November 3- 5, 2015 at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta. Register now.

This book rocks. Every person in the workforce should read it. Men need to read it to understand gender differences and level the playing field. Women need to read and study this book because, as Gail writes in the book, “from early childhood on, boys and girls play with different sets of rules. And because men create the rules in the game of business, and because women are only now trying to be effective competitors, we will prosper only when we are familiar with those rules.”Play like a man book cover

Business is a game and Gail will help you understand the rules and win the game. She outlines the ground rules, prepares you to play, then explains how the score is kept. After laying out the basic game, the book then offers fourteen rules for success and six things man can do at work and women can’t. The book ends with tips on how to enter and end the game and some final advice.

According to Gail of course the object is to win the game. This is done by feeling good about what you do. When you feel good, you feel fulfilled and you win. If you love your business life, you will not be miserable.

You must understand your role. Think of a sports team. Each player has position and knows the job. The pitcher is not the catcher. They do work together but each as a different role. Train for work, just like you would a sport. Listen to your coach. Don’t take things personally any more than a pro would striking out. It happens.

The fourteen rules include speak up, speak out, accept uncertainly and more. With each rule Gail outlines typical situations and how win in each one.

This is an easy read so get the book, but keep a highlighter handy. You’ll be marking the sage advice to remind yourself of the rules.


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